Our company is growing every single day!

Dear friends, colleagues and artists,

RadioPro Ltd has created a repertoire collaborating with more than ninety (90) artists from around the world and for that we are grateful. Our music submission tool (RoyaltyRev.com) is accepting new tracks all the time and our repertoire is growing.

Our current deal with the music provider RadioPro LLC, which is located in the USA, allows us to pay every single one of you, the fair share of your royalties, while the music provider does the streaming and marketing, featuring your music in 27 countries.

With the current arrangement, December 15th is our first pay day. For those who gathered more than 50 euros in royalties, an email will inform you about the procedure. The music provider will pay us the agreed remuneration fees and we will divide that amount to our artists, based on the times your track was played in the music provider streams. From the total amount we will get, we keep 5 25% for our administration costs, as described in the Artist Agreement on RoyaltyRev.com. The rest is for our artists.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” Let the music be heard!


Your RadioPro Ltd Team


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