The RadioPro Ltd Annual Summit (Manchester | 1-3 May 2020)

The Annual Summit of the new Collective Management Organisation (CMO) RadioPro Ltd, will be held from 1 to 3 May 2010 in Manchester, UK.

The global music industry is facing a defining moment. Emerging digital technologies, new ways of distributing music and the challenge of collecting copyrights in a European Union in which the major CMOs will try to monopolize the market, with the help of local governments and the dominant record labels. It is certain that the “Brexit” will have a profound impact on the industry in the coming decade. How can copyright organizations and artists work together to shape the future of the industry?

A broad range of discussion formats will offer many opportunities to exchange ideas. These range from the official reception speech by the RadioPro Ltd CEO, panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations, up to informal presentations in the Summit’s Open Stage Cafe. A large number of networking opportunities will also exist.

The Summit’s main events will be broadcasted live through the internet.

If you are interested to attend the RadioPro Ltd Annual Summit, please inform our secretary using our contact form.

Further announcements will follow as we come closer to the end of this year.


Theofanis Mazis