Unanimous Decision | RadioPro will become a CMO !

Dear friends, our Special General Meeting took place on Thursday, April 11th 2019 (7pm). The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the proposal of the majority of artists collaborating with our IME, to form a Collective Management Organization (CMO). After the unanimous decision, we decided to request the guidance of the UK Intellectual Property […]

Αutomated Royalty Distribution Platform (RadioPro ARDP)

Dear friends, in the following weeks, our team will move your accounts to our automated royalty distribution platform (RadioPro ARDP). Our new accounting platform, receives the information from our music providers worldwide and feeds the number of times your tracks have been broadcasted and the value of that broadcast into the software. Together, statistics from […]

What if RadioPro was a Collective Management Organization (CMO)?

Dear friends, all of you know that we are not including our own music to the RadioPro repertoire.  We already covered this and we explained that in order to be an Independent Management Entity, we have to follow the definition given in the second paragraph of Article 3 of the “DIRECTIVE 2014/26/EU OF THE EUROPEAN […]